Tell us about “The Workshop”… tell us about corruption.

In many interviews and discussions I’ve asked people to consider a world where Santa Clause is real. A world where lore becomes our history, what we now consider the fantasy become the facts, the magic associated with that fantasy becomes the resources of the entity we know as Santa Clause and his knowledge becomes this entity’s technology and sanctioned right of espionage.  Now that fanciful and endearing legend takes on a sinister twist when forced to fit the mold of this cold, hard reality. Those are the themes behind my first novel “The Workshop” and we see these more and more in our daily lives.

It becomes scary very quickly.

Why? Simple… corruption and predation are a natural result of the access to ultimate power and money. In my book the company, also known as the Workshop, offers its service at the pleasure of the people who, due to their own desires for it, become the unwitting pawns in a game of power, politics, exploitation, and greed. This is apparent in many facets of our lives today. As various entities wield more and more power they will corrupt.

Whether this is the result of a government that consolidates power via legislation or a company that has access to every thing we see and read; (sound familiar?) they will abuse that power. Even if their intentions are initially virtuous they will corrupt eventually.

Hence my quote from the book:

The key is to make certain we recognize when it is happening. Those that are the benefits of these practices will not announce themselves. it will all be about:

  • Doing the right thing for the people
  • Lifting up the downtrodden
  • Making life more convenient

It is in fact almost always about consolidating power.

As Mencken said:

With that in mind I leave you with one last quote from my book, “The Workshop”:


Author: Volker Fremuth

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