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BookimagedkVolker Fremuth and MindStir Media are honored to offer you “The Workshop” an uncommon thriller that explores the world from a different perspective, while still touching on some of the issues that are so relevant to all of us in this age of high technology.

In its short tenure “The Workshop” has already received some very positive feedback from the public:

  • “★★★★★ Fantastic!!! This book is an enjoyable summer read. Fast paced with a combination of old world style with high tech technology. Imaginative with a plot so realistic it will leave you wondering… if not yet; then when?”
  • “★★★★★ With knowledge comes power! An engaging & fast paced read – with the timely backdrop of the power of big data and whether those in control of that data can be trusted with it. All with a unique twist to a favorite holiday legend. Looking forward to the Mr. Fremuth’s next adventure.”
  • “★★★★★ This is one of the only books I’ve read that I can honestly say is a page turner. I highly recommend this thought provoking and timely novel.”
  • “★★★★★ A love interest and murder… I found the Workshop to be an entertaining novel which combines realism and fantasy. It takes you into the world of computer based industrial espionage. A hint of “1984” bases it in the computerized existence of the world today. Hollywood would have a ball making it into a movie because it contains everything that Hollywood expounds on – quirky location, a love interest, murder, explosions and an opportunity for a sequel.”
  • “★★★★★ Great read. Love the setting and interesting way of weaving the beloved notion of Christmas being anything but innocent. Some parts read so real that you can imagine this really happening in our current major corporations and political arenas. Hope the next book continues with more exposure of greedy people looking for more power.”
  • “★★★★★ Entertaining, creative and thought-provoking…once you start reading it, you won’t want to put it down.”
  • “★★★★★ Awesome book can’t put it down!”

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