Sharing My Thoughts and My Book on TV and Radio

DSCN4703Thank you hosts Daria Novak and Frank Vernuccio for allowing me the opportunity to discuss both my novel “The Workshop” and my thoughts regarding its connection to politics, privacy and policy on their radio and television programs!

Intelligent, unapologetically honest and timely programming, it was my honor to participate on the Vernuccio-Novak Report and the American Political Zone.

My Radio debut, I was excited to offer my personal insight and my novel “The Workshop” to a broader audience but I think I have to work on my Radio Personality.  😛

The American Political Zone afforded me the opportunity to discuss my novel even further. It was a great and compelling conversation!

Screen shot 2015-11-7

I was particularly honored by the review by host Daria Novak suggesting the book was worthy of five out of five stars and so much a page turner that she lost sleep due to her inability to put it down. That was quite a compliment.

Author: Volker Fremuth

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